• For the past 22 years Michal Raz has led engineering and business development teams in the Unified Communication and Collaboration space, focusing on creating innovative technology partnerships that extend product value. Michal joined Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, over a year ago, to lead business development and strategic accounts. Nexmo’s global CPaaS platform provides instant application access to real time worldwide communication, including Voice and SMS. In addition to the more than 300,000 developers creating unique web and mobile applications with Nexmo technology, Nexmo’s APIs are being embedded within leading chatbot platforms to extend their reach by using these within simple drag and drop environments. Nexmo’s primary use-cases include: SMS/Voice customer support and sales, IVR, surveys, marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications. Raz believes that, soon, customer engagement bots will be embedded in every aspect of B2C and B2B communication and that chatbots will evolve to include voicebots. In her capacity at Nexmo, Raz overseas partnerships with leading chatbots and IPaaS- integration as a platform- providers. With a good set of them already supporting Nexmo API as official channels within their BOT frameworks. Significantly assisting with conversational bot ability to evolve early pilots with customers to more mature deployments, globally. According to Raz, bots also provide a pragmatic way to embed AI in everyday business and business-to-consumer workflows. She currently is seeing more and more examples of instances in which natural language processing, sentiments analysis, location services, and more, are being embedded within Nexmo’s customer implementations. Raz believes that Nexmo’s business strategy is to continuously focus on being the best CPaaS platform and partner, teaming with a variety of leading, innovative AI and chatbot providers.


  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/michalraz/

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