imperson develops premium conversational chatbots for brands that converse in natural language and can be tailored to every brand and character’s authentic voice. Already trusted by leading brands including Disney, Universal, Lionsgate, Paramount, National Geographic, creating successful bots as Miss Piggy, Doc Brown, Judy Hopps (Zootopia), Power Rangers, Genius (Albert Einstein), Disney Pandora park and more. imperson has a full stack solution including conversation technology, NLP, AI and deep learning capabilities, all developed and owned in-house.

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Ai Conversation System

I am a webby-award winning conversational designer who has worked on campaigns for the world's leading brands and studios.

Conversational Designer, AI Conversation Systems

Jason Gilbert

Jack (Yaki) Dunietz, graduated from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, in the Computer Sciences Department and the Department of Philosophy in Tel Aviv University, specializing in The Philosophy of Language. He founded "Mashov Computers", a company which quickly became the main player in the early world of pre-pc "micro computing". After this, he embarked on his next big adventure: Artificial Intelligence. Dunietz has been financing and leading a research effort in the field of conversation technology, more popularly known as Chatbot technology. Over the last two decades he has been designing, building and deploying a long line of experimental chatbots, with a total of over 4 million user conversation to date. Dunietz is also one of the founders of IMperson, a start up company which offers conversational solutions to large multinational companies, mainly in the field of marketing and lead generation.

CEO, AI Conversation Systems

Yaki Dunietz

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